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BLT Studio – EMS Training

EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation meaning it is a combination of strategically localized electrical impulses that trigger muscle contraction. Our revolutionary training method is designed for every man and woman who wishes to gain muscles, burn fat, sculpt and tone their body.

EMS method is everywhere now: from your wellness center or your high tech gym box to your doctor or physiotherapist office. Professional athletes use EMS in addition to their regular workout to improve their strength, endurance and speed.
At BLT Studio, we mainly focus on body shaping and muscular strengthening. We help you burn fat, correct your posture, reinforce your abs and tone up your bottom. All this in 20 minutes!

One 20minutes session with us = 4 hours of regular fitness.

The benefits of doing EMS Training at BLT Studio:

  • A fit and nicely shaped body
  • An effective and sustainable fat loss
  • An improved blood circulation
  • A visible cellulite reduction
  • A younger and stronger body
  • A correction in muscle imbalance
  • An efficient training to fight obesity
  • A gentle treatment for back pain
  • A positive mind and attitude thanks to the release of endorphins

How does it work?

First, you’ll receive an EMS training outfit specifically made.
Then, your personal trainer will prepare your EMS suit that will allow the progressive electronical stimulation to flow through your body and reach specific muscle areas.

  • From your first step in our studio till the moment you take off your EMS suit, your personal trainer will assist and guide you.
  • We have showers and amazing shower gel!
  • Our sessions are by appointment only.
  • Just keep free 30 minutes twice a week in your agenda.

When will I see results?

After your first session, it is not only the amazing feeling of well-being but also the incredible sensation of power and energy that will push you to ask for more!

Sustainable fat loss will occur after only a month: you’ll benefit from toned abs, arms, legs and bottom for good!

Of course, the range of those effects will vary strongly depending on your starting physical condition, your regularity and your diet. Don’t worry about the latter, we’ve got you covered.

Is it somehow dangerous?

Absolutely not!

Our muscles work constantly. Every time your body creates a muscle contraction, it is through a neuromuscular connection and an electrical impulse sent by your nervous system. EMS technology helps your nervous system and muscular system to connect more easily. Your muscular contraction will be up to 30% more effective than a regular one.

Do I have to choose between EMS and Pilates?

Not at all! You can do both.
That’s why we’ve created options that combine these two complementary training techniques. You can have the best of both worlds!

Book your FREE first session +32 2 535 55 43 or by mail info@blt-studio.be