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BLT Studio offers EMS training and Pilates sessions which help you reach your goals in a quick, sustainable and very effective way. You will always be assisted and followed by one of our certified EMS or Pilates experts.

Efficency and time saving

Thanks to our distinctive EMS workout programme built around Miha Bodytec technology, you will benefit from a full body training in 20minutes only!
Push the boundaries of your muscles capacity.
After just a few workouts, you’ll notice a real improvement in muscle power, endurance and overall performance.

Fat Burning effect

You keep burning fat until 72 hours after your session. Say goodbye to your love handles while you’re sleeping!

Deep muscular strengthening

Thanks to our Pilates sessions, you will strengthen your deepest postural muscles allowing you to stand straight with a flat belly and an open heart.
The only thing you have to do is to choose between a collective Mat Class and an individual session using the latest version of Allegro 2 Reformer.

Back pain relief

EMS training provides you with a gentle treatment for back pain.

A professional team to help you

We support you through various types of workouts tailored to your very own level, goals and needs!